A Unique baby deserves a unique album

Baby's first year is breathtaking, a mix of big firsts and extraordinary moments that melt mom's heart .
To preserve those precious memories, PhotoInPress offers a traditional baby album that meets the needs of today’s busy parents. Simply capture the smiles, funny faces and cute little moments. Then, preserve all these memories in your baby book. We will print it so that you have your own, personalized baby album, with your baby’s name and picture on the front cover.
No one knows your little one better than you. Let’s create a book in his image.



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Craft it on the device of your choice

Create your baby book using the device of your choice

Cool technology ... for parents!

Create your album easily and seamlessly, directly from your mobile device. By doing so, your album will always be with you, in your pocket!

Show and share!

Keep all best moments with baby

Because time is precious ...

Your time is precious, and so are the moments with your baby. Using your mobile device to craft your album, you can create professional pages in a snap and tell the story of your baby. Day after day, week after week, your album will come to life and will follow you everywhere in your daily activities: at home, at the park, or at the pediatrician’s. A wonderful project that you can do during those brief intervals of free time !

  • Open the Baby Book application on your device

  • Add your photos on the pages of the book

  • Answer the questions about your baby

  • See your book fill up with the treasures (and trials!) of daily life

  • Share your favourite pages with your family

  • Once finished, get it printed as a beautiful book

  • Show your book! Be proud to show off your baby in your professionally designed baby album!

Don't miss a moment, capture baby's first year

You will not miss a moment: the content has been selected by parents and divided into themes to cover all aspects of baby's first-year journey. Curious? All pages of our album can be previewed! You will find the following points:

  • Fill 74 pages - yes, really! Nothing will be missed!

  • Our content was selected by child development specialists.

  • A professional design: pretty and fresh!

  • Content is divided into 8 chapters for easy access to each topic.

  • Tons of questions, from classic to silly!

  • Edit texts, titles, and questions to match your baby and his or her family.

Don't miss a moment, capture memories

off your phone, into your hands

A baby book you will be happy to read for years

There it is, your album is ready! Just imagine, in a few years, you and your child browsing these memories together. You will enjoy remembering your child’s first steps, first bedroom, and first birthday. We’ll help you craft a stunning album to keep your memories alive, so that you’re proud of what you created:


  • Acid-free archival paper, so the colours remain vibrant throughout the years.

  • Custom, hard cover book.

  • Satisfaction guarantee policy.

  • The possibility of ordering more than one copy to share these first achievements with family or friends.

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What customers say

"Thank you for the amazing albums we received! I was so happy with the entire process, from the software, to the uploading and processing. The end product has exceeded my expectations and those of all my friends and family who have seen it."

"The finished book that I received greatly exceeded my expectations. The pictures are crisp and the paper is beautiful. The price is extremely reasonable for such an amazing product"

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