My photo book / my trip to London, England

By : Jonathan

I spent a week in London in 2006 and I created a photo book for my backpack trip to London, England. We literally walked miles, almost killing our shoes. But we took roughly 2000 pictures. My photo book purpose was to gather all the best pictures together. I added lots of content to create a trendy book, with a little of London eccentricity.



We visited all major places of London but also the neighbourhood. As we had little time and because we shot pictures "on the fly", I used Google Maps to localize each pictures and find infornations about places we visited.

The Wikipedia option helped us a lot, giving in one single click a summary of the wikipedia article. We got then a direct link the the wikipedia article of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or Greenwich. I used this huge amount of content to illustrate my pictures.

Visitbritain website also allowed me to get clear content and highlights about the most famous places in Great Britain. That was also helpful for the preparation of the trip.


Our trip to London makes us think that this city is a mix of tradition and vanguardism. I created my book the same way : I mixed very classical layouts with pictures and texts with modern layouts using the Union Jack flag as background picture.

This is very easy to find this flag using Google images. I just had to convert it in Jpeg so the software is able to use it as a custom background.

Some of the effects proposed allowed me to create a very specific scrapbook page, using for example the Polaroid.

travel photo book : london
  • Professionnal page layouts that can be easily edited if needed.
  • Custom backgrounds with your own pictures
  • Scrapbook effects for my travel pictures.
  • Possibility to add large amount of texts if required.

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