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Add custom photo books to your packages and offer your clients a new way to perserve their memories. Ideal for wedding albums, special events, pregnancy, baby or family portraits!

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Can I sell custom photo books to my clients?

Yes. You are free to sell photo books to your clients at the price you feel appropriate.

Can I add my logo to my books?

You can add your logo at the end of photo books. Add a jpeg image into one of our page layout. Please note that, depending on the package you selected, the PhotoInPress logo can appear on the last page.

What is the printer used to print the photo books?

PhotoInPress is using HP Indigo digital press.

What printing quality can I expect for my books?

About the same quality you would find in a photo book bought at your favorite bookstore. PhotoInPress uses the finest technology available in order to assure you the best results possible. However, it is important to note that while of high quality, the process still does not equals printing on photo paper.

What type of paper is used to print my photos?

Books are printed on 200 gsm glossy acid-free paper. Note that even if we print on glossy paper, the result is mat due to the printing process.

What colour profile should I use?

Our production system is only accepting sRGB ICC images.

What about the binding?

Our books are stitched and glue. Sheets are stitched together at 3 mm from the border. Book clock is glued with the cover for a perfect finish.

How can I get samples?

A custom demo book (your own 20-page portofolio) is offered with all professional packages. You can use this demo book as a portfolio. You will also receive a sample of each cover-color.

Can PhotoInPress ship to my clients?

No. Books ordered using your professional account will be shipped only to your commercial address.

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